Information Systems & Software Development

Admissions Information Systems

The Admissions Information Systems Team supports Undergraduate Admissions by maintaining the portion of the Student Information System called iSIS as well as numerous integrated admissions systems – such as Inside Admissions, DeltaSys, Applicant Status, and Online SIR. The team works on the annual system/data changes mandated by UCOP, campus committees, and various testing agencies. They oversee the annual Admissions Decisions release in mid-March.

Financial Aid Information Systems

The Financial Aid Information Systems team provides application support for the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to manage a $275 million portfolio of federal, state, institutional and agency funds for over 18,000 UCSB students. The team facilitates processes ranging from the federal and state financial aid application processing, verification, awarding, disbursing, reporting and reconciliation of funds. Students are provided a self-service web portal which includes tools to assist in the management of their financial aid.

Graduate Division Information Systems

The Graduate Division Information Systems (GDIS) team provides systems and software support to UCSB’s Graduate Division and their campus partners. As an embedded unit, GDIS works directly with Graduate Division staff to analyze their business needs and develop/support software solutions to facilitate these processes. Since its inception in 2010, the unit has developed a number of new systems to aid in the administration of Graduate Division policy and procedure, such as the Graduate Admissions Application and Review system (eApp & AppReview), an online competition system for the annual Recruitment Fellowship Competition, and a registration system for the Graduate Commencement ceremony.

Registrar Information Systems

The Registrar Information Systems (REGS) team provides the UCSB Office of the Registrar with the following services: custom Application development, including both new projects and enhancements to existing applications and services; production Application support; vendor solution implementation and integration; technical project management; and technical research and advising on products and solutions.

Student Services Information Systems

The Student Services Information Systems (SSIS) team is primarily tasked with supporting non-enrollment departments within Student Affairs, and works closely with business users throughout the Division. SSIS works closely with the CommCollab team in helping to shape the Divisional identity with tools such as Sitefinity and the mobile-friendly Standard Template. In addition to department website and web application development, SSIS assists with business process analysis and modeling, user training (both one-on-one trainings and group trainings), and consulting for Information Technology groups outside of Student Affairs.