Different platforms call for different writing/editing styles. For example, a memorandum reads differently from an academic paper and from content designed to be read on a mobile device. For consultation or training about developing tone, submit a CommCollab Service Request form. For more, see the Division's written style guide.

The CommCollab and SAMI teams are developing a style that complements the University of California brand. To review those guidelines, visit the UC Brand Guidelines.

social media
Used strategically, social media should be able to engage and influence audiences positively. For consultation or training about policies and practice, submit a CommCollab Service Request form.

social media tips

  • Be accurate, timely and check your facts
  • Tone: Use an active voice that is authentic to your brand
  • Tag departments, cross promote brand (e.g., refer fans back to your website)
  • Respond promptly, following a response protocol endorsed by your department
  • Post, use Community Guidelines (see example under General Information)
  • For more tips, visit