Google Connect Migration

Migration to Google Connect

Project Overview

SIS&T will be migrating email and other services to Google's G-Suite for Education, known on campus as Google Connect, beginning winter 2018. This move introduces a new collection of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software from Google, including popular, mobile-friendly tools such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Sheets, and more.


User migration will happen in three waves, with an additional wave at the end to migrate archived data (May 11-18). Here are the scheduled project wave dates:

  • Core IT group (limited number of SIS&T staff supporting Connect project): Go-live scheduled for April 2, with training on April 3
  • Early Adopters group (including a limited number of staff identified to serve as Google Guides): Go-live scheduled for April 16, with trainings offered April 11-18
  • Standard Adopters group (everyone else): Go-live scheduled for May 14, with trainings offered May 9-16

Why Migrate to Google Connect?

Adopting and implementing Google Connect positions SIS&T and its partners in alignment with other campus IT organizations' direction to consolidate systems, streamline costs, increase collaboration, and enhance security.

Who is involved with the migration project? 

  • Joe Sabado, project sponsor
  • Allen Biehle, project manager
  • James Kinneavy, enterprise architecture
  • Pam Layton, business analyst
  • Keri Bradford, communication manager
  • Mark Weinsoff, support manager

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