Student Information Systems Modernization (SIS Modernization) Project consists of three phases.

Phase I - Conversion

SIS Conversion phase started in February 2011 and was successfully completed in February 2013. All code and data were converted from the legacy Natural/Adabas mainframe-based systems to modern Microsoft-based C#/SQL Server applications. More information about this phase can be found under the SIS Conversion page

Phase II - Stabilization

SIS Stabilization phase ran for a year after the release of the converted applications, from February 2013 until February 2014. Due to the cyclical nature of the UCSB business, this allowed us to use the converted applications for one year while closely monitoring the system performance, correctness and react in a timely manner to resolve any issues that arise. In addition, this year allowed us to work on additional services and interfaces to make the system completely functional and to improve our server environment and deployment process.

Phase III - Modernization 

We began Phase III after completion of Phase II/Stabilization and are focused on developing and implementing services, components, and application infrastructure that is critical for building the next generation of Student Information Systems. More information about this phase can be found under the SIS Modernization page