Connect Sites - UCSB Hosted Websites

Connect Sites, a website hosting and content management services service, provides easy, self-editable content, simple web forms to create on the fly, and myriad advanced features available via plug-in "modules."

Connect Web Analytics

Connect uses the Google Web Analytics tool for web usage discovery, collecting information to improve functionality and web content, and to monitor performance. Data is used to help answer specific questions about the usage and performance of the web site or individual web pages.

Google Sites

UC Santa Barbara continues to support Google Sites. However, at this time we advise against usage of this product due to lack of technical support and minimal customization of these sites. In the future, we plan to address these shortcomings through local resources and coordination with Google.


The SiteImprove contract with UCOP provides a system-wide tool for testing web accessibility. All UC campuses can use the SiteImprove tool to test and monitor compliance with web accessibility standards. 

Subdomain Guidelines & Requests

UC Santa Barbara top-level subdomain names are the electronic addresses used to find specific website destinations and other electronic campus services directly under the domain. Internal subdomains are represented as — for example,,,, etc.