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We provide technical assistance and support for staff and faculty computing issues. The IT Service Catalog offers a way for you to submit your help requests, our technicians will take care of things thereafter.

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secure computer research

Secure Compute Research Environment

SCRE is a private, secured, virtual environment in which researchers may remotely analyze sensitive data, create research results, and output their research results and analysis. 

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technician monitoring network infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Services

Read more about our Campus VPN, Planning Communications Services and the Network Operations Center that provide a variety of coordination resources for campus planners, architects, and engineers in support of campus construction activities.

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ucsb website theme

Create Your Own Website

The Core IT team has a variety of solutions for faculty, staff and students looking to create a new website. Our Pantheon hosting platform and newly branded UC Santa Barbara web theme will make setting up your next website easy.

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Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Communications Services and the Network Operations Center provide and coordinate special purpose data and network connectivity solutions. 

Application Hosting

Providing full-service hosting of Line-of-Business production and development platforms offering distributed business applications, database servers, and support.

Cable Television Communications

Services, in conjunction with Cox Communications of Santa Barbara, provides cable television service to campus faculty, staff, departments, and student housing.

Campus Cellular Services Communications

Services provides support for establishment of cellular services covered by University Policy G-46.

Campus VPN

These pages are designed to provide assistance with the installation and configuration of VPN client software as well as convenient access to general information on VPN services at UCSB.


Connect provides UC Santa Barbara's communication and collaboration services. Connect features Email, Calendaring, Contacts, and Tasks.

Connect Sites

Connect Sites, a website-hosting and content-management service, provides easy, self-editable content, simple web forms to create on the fly, and myriad advanced features available via plug-in "modules."

Data Warehouse

Consistent, secure, understandable, navigable administrative information for standard and ad-hoc queries and reporting. The Data Warehouse serves departments as well as central offices.


eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, worldwide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Electronic Timekeeping

UCSB’s Electronic Timekeeping system gathers employees' time and attendance information electronically and exports it to the campus payroll system. 

End User Computing

End User Computing (EUC) Support Services include: general installation, configuration, and administration for departmental workstations, LAN and network equipment, as well as end-user assistance and support for general computing issues. 

Flexible Work Arrangements

Although not every position can take advantage of these arrangements, flexibility can be customized to work for the individual, the manager, and the department in many ways.

Hard Drive Destruction Service

ETS staff at North Hall Data Center (NHDC) will take custody of hard drives that UCSB customers wish to have destroyed and securely destroy them.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) & Single Sign On (SSO)

UCSB's IAM and SSO provide the UC Santa Barbara enterprise directory, and support authentication and authorization services for use by campus service providers and partners.

IT Services Catalog

The IT Services Catalog, formerly the Enterprise Technology Service Center (ETSC) provides a single place for end users and customers to requested assistance with technological issues and requests.

Network Infrastructure Planning

Planning Communications Services and the Network Operations Center provide a variety of planning and coordination resources for campus planners, architects, and engineers in support of campus construction activities.

Network Infrastructure Services

Communications Services and the Network Operations Center provide and coordinate minor network wiring projects to accommodate campus departmental moves and changes.

North Hall Data Center

The North Hall Data Center is a resource for hosting UCSB information technology systems across the Academic, Administrative and Research communities.

Secure Compute Research Environment

What is the SCRE? The Secure Compute Research Environment (SCRE) is a private, secured, virtual environment in which researchers may remotely analyze sensitive data, create research results, and output their research results and analysis.


Our security team is capable of handling today's most pressing digital threats with the latest IT security technology on the market. The team can consult your department or assist if your digital assets have been compromised due to any hacking or phishing attacks.

Smartsheet Business Account

The Smartsheet Business Account, owned by the Office of the CIO Program Management Office (PMO), is a software-as-a-service application for collaboration and work management at

SSL Certificates

Acquiring SSL Certificates for Hosts in the "" domain.

Supercomputing Overview

The ETS Supercomputing unit helps UCSB academic community members access and use the High Performance Computing (HPC) resources available from the national supercomputing centers: SDSC and XSEDE.

Telephone Services

Communications Services provides a wide range of telephone services to the campus.

Thin Client

Provides a Windows desktop environment using thin client equipment.  Application hosting for applications unable to execute in the Apple OS environment.

Two-Way Radio Services

Communications Services manages access to the UCSB 800MHz radio frequencies. Two-way radios are an important part of the campus's life safety services.

U-Mail Student E-Mail

The U-Mail Student E-Mail Service (now G Suite for Education) provides e-mail and other affiliated collaboration services for UCSB's student population.

UCPath Operational Data Store (ODS)

The UCSB UCPath Operational Data Store provides access to UCPath Human Capital Management Human Resources and Payroll data for purposes of reporting or data interfaces to other campus operational systems.

UCSB Alert: Everbridge

UCSB Alerts is a communications tool the university uses to distribute emergency information to the campus. Students, staff, and faculty can update their email, text, or phone contacts on the alerts website.

VSaaS - Video Security as a Service

ETS has partnered with a commercial Video Surveillance provider to deliver a managed, supported, scalable, and cost efficient one-stop service.

Windows Server Support

Windows server operating system management and administration. This service may be appealing for those  wishing to outsource their local IT support to an organization with depth of staff and senior IT management.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and simple online meetings.